This addenda section contains a collection of presentations that either need editing or contain more detail than the main pages can contain.


Many of the explanations on this website have a great more detail than many readers wish to engage. Although I encourage visitors to dig deeply into the subject matter on this site, I have separated these presentations from the overviews that I offer from the main menu.

In addition, I have placed a number of pages in this section until I can complete a complete edit. 


How Banks Create Money

This presentation delves into the details of the frequently misunderstood process by which the banking system creates new money.

Inflation and Deflation

Inflation and deflation represent another case of the confusion (or misuse of) terms. This presentation will clear up that confusion.

Perpetual Money Growth To Pay Interest

This presentation addresses in detail the myth that the money supply must grow perpetually just to service interest payments on federal debt.

Bank Limitations & Losses

What factors limit the ability of the banking system to create new money, and what influence do losses incurred by banks have on those limitations? This presentation addresses those questions.

Money Matters Presentation

A free market economic system would not work without the use of money, yet very many people do not understand the role of money. This presentation discusses the importance of money in significant detail.

Economic Systems Model

Detailed modeling of any economic system remains virtually impossible because they high degree of complexity and the self-correcting nature of the system. If one keeps the model extremely simple and controls important variable, he can use a model to demonstrate important principles.

Market Pricing Model

This presentation will show the details of developing a model of market pricing. Then it will demonstrate the relationship between direct exchange prices and money prices.

The following pages need editing.

  • Monetary System

    Certain principles and theories apply to the monetary system, regardless of the banking system or banking regulation. When completed this page will describe the essential elements of a monetary system.

  • Values

    In addition to economic value, philosophical values play an important role in the operation of an economic system. When I have completed a description of philosophical value, I will post it in the Reasoning section.