Commentaries from myself and others about current economic news and issues—most of which I will post on The Free Market Center Journal.

The commentary process provides me the opportunity to comment on free markets and what else suits my fancy.

Frequently topics arise (from various sources) that merit comment without adding to statements made in other sections of this website.On occasion those comments will lead to the clarification of statements made in other sections of this site.

We experience a daily deluge of falsehoods and misinformation. I will not pretent to keep up with even a significant part of that output, but I will comment on articles and posts that relate directly to topics addressed on this website.

I plan to post, at some time in the future, articles written by other authors.   

The Free Market Center Journal

This page gives a brief description of The Free Market Center Journal and provides links to the Journal and some of the topic categories addressed on the Journal.
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Language & Logic

A newsletter companion for The Free Market Center Journal. I will publish content that addresses the more frequent lapses in language precision or sound logic that may not relate directly to free markets.
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Morning Memo

As the name implies, I will publish short comments on subjects that occupy my mind each day.
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Berger Memoranda

My personal commentary appears here. (Although dormant for some time, I might revive the Memoranda to address business topics.)
See Comments: Berger Memoranda