Free Markets

The principles and theories of markets apply under all political systems, yet various forms of intervention distort the normal results from an unhindered market. By free markets, however, The Free Market Center refers to those markets free of intervention. Although free markets exist only as an ideal, they are an ideal that merit working toward.

According to some economic theories, markets require intervention and manipulation in order for them to operate effectively and efficiently. You will see as you read through this website, I adamantly disagree with those theories. I use the term Free Market to distinguish markets free of intervention from those subject to intervention. Thus, when I use the term "free market" I mean: markets free of intervention.

In this section, The Free Market Center will offer a strong argument for the development of free markets (i.e. free of intervention.)


Liberty, although a natural state, does not come easily for human culture. It requires a great deal of responsibility; something many do not wish to accept.

Liberty v. Oppression

Liberty and oppression do not exist on a single continuum. This article will explain the systemic distinctions between liberty and oppression.

Market Systems

Markets, whether free or not, consist of systems. The elements of those systems have connections, or feedbacks, to other elements in the system. Changes in one pat in the market lead to changes in other parts.

Markets, whether subject to intervention or not, do not operate in isolation. Each market consists of a system that makes up a component of a network of ever larger systems culminating in what we might refer to as the world economy. We cannot, however, understand any economy as a unit. We must always keep the network, interconnected, nature of economies in mind.

In this section we will examine the systemic nature of markets. We will explain why all of us must play the role of participants and can never be effective controllers of the systems we refer to as economies.

Economic System Model

Mathematical modeling has rather severe limitations for depicting economic systems. Modeling, however, can prove useful within carefully controlled variables. In this section, I have developed some models of the simple economy for the purpose of demonstrating some fundamental interactions in economic systems.

A Pricing Model

This model — also within the framework of carefully controlled variables — demonstrates the differences between direct exchange prices and money prices.

Complex Markets

Many people don't appreciate the complexity of markets. This section will examine and demonstrate market complexities.

Free Markets — Markets free of intervention.