Guiding ideas define the philosophical foundation for The Free Market Center, including the purpose, vision, and mission.

What foundational ideas guide the development and content of this website?

I have made the guiding ideas of The Free Market Center a centerpiece of its content. The principles, theories, and values of free markets provide not only an important part of the context of this website they also provide the ideas and concepts by which this website operates. The purpose, vision, mission, and goals guide the content within the site.

Economic Principles

Principles consist of assumptions that provide the basis for sound economic reasoning. In terms of logic they amount to truths. Starting with these principles and using valid argument we can arrive at only sound propositions.

Value Theory

Because of the fundamental nature of value theory I will return to the subject frequently. I will add to this discussion as time goes on.


Individual preferences provide the foundation for determining economic value. Values represent a fundamental element in individual preferences.


Philosophy guides your actions during the course of a normal day. Philosophy, therefore, becomes an important part of thinking about free markets and economics.

Deductive Logic

The power of deductive logic comes from the fact that, if you apply valid logic to true premises, you will arrive at a true conclusion.

Systems Thinking

Because of the connected nature of the world in which we live, systems thinking can aid in better reasoning.

General Semantics

General Semantics consists of the study of the various levels of thought used to evaluate the world in which we live.

Statement of General Website Guiding Ideas