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Ronald Reagan famously said, “big government is the problem.” Ludwig von Mises said, “government is the denial of liberty.”

Government, at all levels, represents the primary source of economic intervention resulting in the misallocation of precious resources.

We will discuss the deleterious effects of government intervention in its many forms including the following topics:

Federal Government

The federal government represents a major force in government intervention. It has the power to supersede state laws and thereby become a much broader interference in market activity.

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By telling individual actors in the market what they can and cannot do, government interferes with the normal process of exchange.

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Government Spending

When the government “spends” money, it distorts the resource allocation that the market would normally perform.

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Economic Curiosity

Ever have questions about the effects of government intervention? This presentation (using Prezi) raises some of the many questions you may have had about the influence of government regulation. View a collection of unanswered (unanswerable?) questions about government intervention.

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Market Intervention