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Myths About Money

Much of the misunderstanding about money and its uses in the economy begin with the myths that seem to go unquestioned. In this section, I will cover just a few of those myths—since there are so many—and try to briefly point out the the truth and fiction involved in those myths.

Money = Debt
As a part of the confusion that people have about money, some people make a somewhat illogical leap to the conclusion that money consists of debt—at least debt to banks. I will clear up some of that confusion. The idea that money exists in the current banking system as debt contains both truth and fiction. This article sorts out what's true and what's not. (The truth may not be what you think.)
A Collection of Money & Banking Flaws
This page contains of a collection of the flaws in thinking related to money & banking that I have collected over the years.
Money Matters