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In this section you will find references to help in your study of free markets. You will find the collection a little sparse at the present, but we have a number of sources that we must organize before we post them.


Look up words used in this site and in Economics.

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Find selected books about economics and other subjects on this site.

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A presentation resource used on this site.

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Blogs have become an important source of commentary in most fields of study. The Free Market Center will attempt to gather those blogs that make meaningful comments regarding economics and political influence.

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Discussions about economics frequently get entirely too serious. The Free Market Center has attempted to assemble a certain number of humorous items that relate to economics and free markets.

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Because of the upsurge in the popularity of videos, The Free Market Center will search out videos appropriate to our conversation.

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Ludwig von Mises

Lugwig von Mises
The father of modern Austrian School of Economics.


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