The Community
of The Free Market Center


Information about people and organizations that have contributed to this website, either directly or indirectly.

What people—living or deceased—help in our processes and methods.

The Free Market Center community consists of a vast number of people—inside and outside the organization; living and dead. It consists of all people and organizations interested in the return to free markets.

Community refers to the people (and organizations) that share a symbiotic relationship with The Free Market Center. The term has roots that carry the meaning of sharing and exchange. A community exemplifies a complex adaptive system.

People and Organizations

I have highlighted some people and organizations in the resources section of this website. So far, I have grouped them in the following categories that reflect the topics addressed on this site:


Contributors to the study and understanding of free markets. Some of the economists who have made important contributions to "real economics."

Systems Thinkers

The insight of systems thinkers, can aid in the understanding of markets—living systems. I also believe that the prominent Austrian economists applied systems thinking—even though they never used the term.


Because of the importance of logic in the Austrian methodology, prominent logicians should receive credit for their contributions.

General Semanticists

General semanticists have helped me see the value of not getting caught up in meaningless abstractions and of using precise language.


Some of the few writers who have reported accurately on economic events.


Organizations (businesses, research Centers, etc.) that advocate for free markets. Organizations that contribute to the advancement of "real economics."

I did not include in the Community section two important people who deserve recognition here:


You play an important role in the development of this site—I have created it for you. Thank you for visiting and please give me constructive feedback.

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